Sketchup Product Modeling

Modelize your product range !

3D adds an innovative aspect to the presentation of your products. It makes it possible to seduce your prospects while giving credibility to your activity.

You are a manufacturer:

  • Increase visibility on your products by presenting them in the 3D Warehouse model bank.
  • Facilitate the use of your products by creating a library of your products in dynamic components.


Adebeo proposes you to model your products in 3D according to the following method :

  1. Adebeo is at your disposal to set up your specifications and define the results in line with your objectives and your budget.
  2. To define your templates , you provide either:
    • photos
    • files Autocad, Solidworks, Inventor, ProE, SolidEdge, Catia, …
    • images, sketches
    • blueprints
    • Excel files
    • the objects themselves that we can scan in 3D
  3. Our team of 3D modelers makes a test batch. Modeling is done piece by piece or automatically using a ruby ​​script developed for the project.
  4. Upon validation of this test batch, templates are created. Those templates can contain metadata, such as references, descriptions, BIM data, technical information that can be used for automated reporting, etc. We also have the ability to improve the properties needed for photorealistic rendering software (Vray, Thearender, Render-in, …) like reflection, or brightness.
  5. We can massively upload your files in the 3D Warehouse.

Do not hesitate anymore : use 3D to boost your sales and take advantage of Adebeo expertise to create these models !


Our rates are $80.00 excl. taxes. / hour . Contact us by email or phone to get a personalized quote!

Sample Rates:

  • Modeling of a marbling range of 50 pieces from paper plans without scale: $930.00 excl. taxes.
  • Modeling of eight product ranges into dynamic components from a 200 page specification: $4,335.00 excl. taxes.
  • Massive conversion of a 2000 industrial products range from Autocad files, automatic recovery of layers, textures, simplification and organization of models: $6,190.00 excl. taxes.
  • Modeling a range of 1000 pieces of furniture from excel boards, compatible textures for rendering software, dynamic components, BIM attribute: $9,909.00 excl. VAT

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