Layout Tutorial – Scale dimensioning .

Scale quotation

La vidéo du tutoriel se trouve à la fin de l’explication de texte

In order to follow this tutorial, it is necessary to have well prepared the previous tutorial.

Make your first dimensions. Select the “dimensioning tool” from the toolbar that you had to set in the first LayOut tutorial.
Once you have selected this tool, using it is very simple. Just click on the two end points you want to dimension. Just make sure you do a “click and release”.

Go to the “Dimension Style” tool palette, where you can modify the look of your dimensions. You can also choose the units, the number of digits after the decimal point, etc.

When you change the style of a quotation by selecting it, you will not apply this style to all the others. If you want to apply a common style to all dimensions, you must first not have selected anything, and go directly to the “dimension style” tool palette. This rule is true for all LayOut tools.

The video tutorial right here