2DWall Annual


Save precious time with this extension that allows you to create walls instantly!

This product is compatible with SketchUp Pro 2018 < 2021.
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The technical drawing software Sketchup and its essential 2D extension Wall

Save precious time with this extension developed by Adebeo that allows you to draw in two dimensions instantly in Sketchup Pro.

2D modeling with the CAD software Sketchup

With the 2D Wall plugin, create 2D walls, doors and windows in record time with a precise and professional rendering. The 2D Wall plugin for Sketchup is the time saving and efficient tool to optimize 2D walls, doors and windows drawing. The 2D technical drawing can be useful after importing files from another software like AutoCAD for example. Manage dimensioning, geometry and visualization easily with our free online tutorials.

Technical drawing or industrial drawing facilitated

the handling of the Plug-In 2D Wall is easy:

  • 1 Select the 2D Wall tool
  • 2 Choose the thickness of the wall to be drawn (if no measurement is entered, the wall will have the thickness of the last value indicated later)
  • 3 Indicate the direction of the wall by holding down the “Shift” key or with the arrows on the keyboard to lock the inferences.
  • 4 To determine the length of the wall, two operations are possible:
      • Enter the desired length
      • Click and drag..

With the command “crtl” on PC or “alt” on Mac, the choice of the position of the wall in relation to its anchoring point has never been so simple.

The steps presented are transposable to the assembly of doors or windows.

The demonstration video right here




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