IFC Cleaner Annual


Save precious time with this extension that allows you to clean and sort the elements of your IFC files in 2 clicks!

This product is compatible with SketchUp Pro 2018 < 2021.
This extension is automatically sent with your order confirmation; you can download it immediately.

No technical support will be provided with the product.

The magic cleaning extension for Sketchup

A project nearing completion in Sketchup? It’s time for professional rendering and technical drawing visualization. To hide unnecessary layers, dimensions… 2 clicks are enough to bring your model to life!

After an IFC import, clean up!

With IFC cleaner for Sketchup, no more time-consuming manual file cleanup at the end of a design process. The extension makes it easy for you and offers a professional, presentable Sketchup rendering in no time. The plugin removes unnecessary edges, dimensions and polygons due to importing in IFC format.

Simply visualize each type of element

The extension for Sketchup Pro also has a second use: the tool automatically places each category of elements in purposely named layers. So, with one click, access the desired modeling rendering. All doors? windows? partitions? Visualize each of these elements becomes extremely easy.




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