SKALP – Cuts and Hatching for SketchUp PRO


With Skalp, make cuts with automatic hatching, give an even more professional dimension to your creations.

This extension is compatible with SketchUp Pro 2021 – Single User License.


Skalp is an extension for SketchUp that will allow you to make cuts with hatching. You can create your own hatch patterns or choose from a selection of predefined hatch patterns. You can then export this to the autoCAD format while keeping real hatchings.

Skalp sections


  • Sections with automatic hatching.
  • Live updates, all model changes are tracked on the fly.
  • Use SketchUp styles to change the display in each scene.
  • Fully compatible with nested groups and components.
  • Ability to have different drawing scales in a model.
  • Neat user interface filled with relevant features.

Skalp pattern designer


  • Make non-repetitive pattern textures for your Skalp sections
  • Texturize your models in a creative and new way.
  • Import lots of standard CAD patterns.
  • Build your own from scratch.
  • Contains scales, transparency, colors and line widths.

Skalp Styles

  • styles-skalp
  • The same section represented in different ways.
  • Each scene can have its own section style.
  • Assign by layer, material, hatching or marking.
  • Patterns adapt to the drawing scale.

Export from Skalp

  • styles-skalp
  • Export to LayOut (SketchUp pro). Persistent update of Skalp sections in all scenes.
  • DXF export includes real AutoCAD hatch patterns.
  • Export multiple scenes to DXF format

Compatibility note

  • Be careful, Skalp is not compatible with Sketchup 2020.2 (but is compatible with all other versions)


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